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Jan 24, 2008

A few thoughts on cigarettes (SF day 16)

Catharsis through writing! It’s smokefree day 16, and here are my thoughts: When you quit smoking, what you really miss are not the actual cigarettes, it’s rather certain moments. Sitting in

Jan 10, 2008

And here we are again

Ever since I started to neglect my SmokeFree Category on here, I’ve had the feeling I should pick up writing for it again. Well, Ladies and Gentleman, this is the day I’

Dec 13, 2005

On crazy ideas pt.II

Well, it’s time to once again elaborate on crazy ideas. Diligent and faithful readers of my blog will remember my venture into the world of extreme sports a few months back. It

Nov 5, 2005

The printer predicament

If I had had to visualize my mood during most of the day today, it would have looked like that: Why would my mood have looked like a makeshift ashtray? Because I was

Sep 29, 2005

SF, day 18

Well, I guess it’s time for another update on my non-smoking ways. I can say with some certainty that during these 18 days, about half of the nights were filled with dreams

Sep 19, 2005

Batch update

Well, it’s time for a little batch update, as I’ve got a few things to say, but each of these are too small to warrant a separate posting. So, here goes:

Sep 16, 2005

SF, day 4

Well, thank you all for the kind words of support, pity and glee. I’m very much set on keeping my non-smoking ways, and I guess from now on it’ll be easier

Sep 14, 2005

SF, day 3

It’s well into the third day of my life as a non-smoker. I’ve found out that my love for smoking is based on some rather solid reasoning. Here goes: Nicotine is

Sep 13, 2005

SF, day 2

I quit smoking two days ago. I know it’s a sensible thing to do, but believe me, it’s killing me. It’s not really that I crave the nicotine that much.