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Jan 24, 2008

A few thoughts on cigarettes (SF day 16)

Catharsis through writing! It’s smokefree day 16, and here are my thoughts: When you quit smoking, what you really miss are not the actual cigarettes, it’s rather certain moments. Sitting in

Jan 10, 2008

And here we are again

Ever since I started to neglect my SmokeFree Category on here, I’ve had the feeling I should pick up writing for it again. Well, Ladies and Gentleman, this is the day I’

Mar 8, 2006

Put your cigarettes here

Why is it that once I’ve quit smoking, not only are they lowering prices, they also turn trash cans into fancy ashtrays. It’s just not fair!

Feb 4, 2006

Smoking criminals

I know, I’m not smoking anymore, so I shouldn’t really be defending the smoking folk’s case. But hell, what can you do when you read an interview like this? Since