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Dec 6, 2007

And St.Nicholas

Here’s what you get when you have good friends (please note the rather unsaintly environment): And here’s what you get when you’ve got not only one, but two nice co-workers:

Apr 20, 2007

Almost summer

That’s the advantage of having to walk from one godforsaken village to the other, you’ve got plenty of photo ops. Too bad all I had was my cameraphone.

Mar 8, 2006

Put your cigarettes here

Why is it that once I’ve quit smoking, not only are they lowering prices, they also turn trash cans into fancy ashtrays. It’s just not fair!

Nov 16, 2005

Computer rooms and spooky

For the first time in my career at the university of Vienna, I checked out the history department’s computer room. It’s not exactly easy to get in there though. You have