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Nov 16, 2005

Computer rooms and spooky

For the first time in my career at the university of Vienna, I checked out the history department’s computer room. It’s not exactly easy to get in there though. You have

Oct 5, 2005

First classes = warm and fuzzy

Today I’m going to attend my first class this semester. Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but for me a first class of a semester (and I’ve seen

Jun 29, 2005

All done

I completed my last exams for the semester, and all I’ve left to do is write a paper. Ach, there’s always a paper to write somewhere. Horst from The Aardvark Speaks

Apr 5, 2005

Another Lecture

I just noticed a surprising lack of postings in my “university give-aways” category. I should really start collecting every little piece I get. Oh well. Here’s another picture from a lecture I

Mar 15, 2005

Literature Lecture

I just returned from another long day at the university. “Long” as in three lectures. Oh well. The last one was a literature lecture on 20th century British drama, and I couldn’t

Mar 9, 2005

Two cool things

Two cool things happened today: First, during a literature seminar, the person who did a presentation did this using a SimpleMepis Live CD and…how cool is that? When I asked

Mar 8, 2005

Uni day and give-away

Today was the second day of the present semester, and once again I was reminded why I like university life. Attending lectures, walking through the halls of the main university building, buzzing with

Jan 30, 2005

Paper revisited

I forgot to mention that the paper I referred to two days ago was actually written in its entirety in Which I’m a bit proud of even. I don’t

Jan 28, 2005

Paper finally finished

Well, I’m done. And as always, after writing a paper within three days or less, I vowe to never again wait so long. Hell, from my experience I’m already waiting for

Jan 20, 2005

Medieval Schmedieval

My paper on code-switching is slowly but surely taking on some form, and tomorrow I’ll have to present it in class. Which is not a bad thing per se. But a bad

Jan 17, 2005

Macaronic Poetry

In the course of my research for a paper I am writing, I stumbled upon this great definition of a kind of poetry dating back to the medieval and early modern period of