About me

June 01, 2016

My name is Richard Hemmer and I live in the fair city of Vienna. This blog is a mashup of all the things I'm interested in, which are a few. You'll find posts about tech-stuff, food, drink, history, literature, films, everyday life and a whole lot more.

Ages ago, when I thought I needed to streamline my writing, I created blogs for all these various interests, only to realize that maintaining six instead of one blog is cumbersome and keeps me from actually writing things. During the last few months I imported what I wrote on my various blogs into this one, so you might find some broken images and other wacky things somewhere in my posts. I am fine with that, I hope you're too.

I earn my living by doing things on and for the web, history, films and video-games. Here's more on that.

If you want to send me an e-mail, use mail[at]richardhemmer.com. My public PGP key can be found over at keybase.io.