The printer predicament

If I had had to visualize my mood during most of the day today, it would have looked like that:

todays mood
Why would my mood have looked like a makeshift ashtray? Because I was trying to get a printer shared over our small network, expecting it to be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it was not. For fuck’s sake. Oh well, I was in the worst of moods, until that thing people commonly refer to as my genius kicked in. I finally solved the plethora of problems, and if I had to visualize my mood now, it would look like that:

my mood later on
Mmm, delicious.

By the way, I’ve been smokeless for about 8 weeks now, and I’m pretty sure that today I’d have smoked a goddamn carton. Thanks to that irresistible combination of willpower and avarice I’ve saved a shitload of money today. I’m the greatest.

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