Smoker's Brokers or How To Spend Money

Today it’s exactly ten weeks of non-smoking for me. Meaning that in a mere two weeks I can boast with being smokefree for one quarter of a year. Which sounds really quite impressive, especially if you mumble the “quarter of” (that’s an invention my mother came up with this weekend, so I can’t take credit for it – I’m just the chronist).

I don’t yet feel the financial relief too much, but I guess that’s because more money has been spent on foodstuffs and the occasional ticket to the public baths in order to rid my body of excess fat accumulated through consumption of above mentioned additional foodstuffs.

What I actually wanted to write about is a service I stumbled upon today via Lifehacker. See, I quit smoking because I felt that spending huge amounts of money on things that will literally go up in smoke is a stupid thing (sure, I could have stopped smoking before sending the monetary equivalent of a Porsche Roadster down my lungs, but it’s a bit too late crying about that now, don’t you think?). Anyway, that service I’m now finally presenting to you is called Smoker’s Brokers, and it’s basically a stock broker for people who have quit smoking. They can invest exactly the amount they’d have spent on cigarettes, pack after pack. It’s an ingenious idea, really. Too bad I’ve already spent my money on food and exercise.