Gervais going pay

Well, I really enjoyed Ricky Gervais’ podcast. It was scheduled to be a 12 episode thing, but they’ve decided to go on – only now for money.

Now, I do understand that people need to make money. I myself am always in dire need of some. But selling a half hour session of Gervais and his pals having fun for almost a quid is just a tad too steep. Especially considering that Gervais is raking in money not only from his own shows, but also from the various spin-offs (like the US version of “The Office”).

Read all about Gervais’ new cash-cow here. I’m still hoping it’s all just one big joke, but the more I read about it, the more I guess he’s dead serious about charging. Oh well, have fun seeing your download numbers drop, you greedy bastard.