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Oct 11, 2011

Running makes you fat

So running makes you fat. I knew it. This encapsulates why running fares worse in the weight-loss stakes compared with other forms of exercise. If you are preparing for a long run, the

Apr 19, 2006

On running and failing and biking

As you are a vivid reader of my blog you are well aware of my forays into the world of sports, precisely into the world of running. While it may seem cumbersome and

Dec 16, 2005

The making of Marathon Man, Day 3

Today was the third time I went running. And today was the first time I managed to get through twenty minutes without a single panting stop. Which in my case is absolutely fantastic.

Dec 13, 2005

On crazy ideas pt.II

Well, it’s time to once again elaborate on crazy ideas. Diligent and faithful readers of my blog will remember my venture into the world of extreme sports a few months back. It