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Through a "River of Ink"

Through a "River of Ink"

"River of Ink", the debut novel of Brit Paul M.M. Cooper, is a marvel. I'd not heard of the man until he did his Reddit AMA a few months back, but the book was an easy sell on me: I'm quite partial to historical fiction and also enjoy reading

How to be fucking awesome, Pt.II

Apparently, for some people the phrase “fucking awesome” is just a bit too ambiguous. Karl Fluch, music critic at the Austrian daily “Der Standard”, may be a nice fellow not least because of his admiration of everyone’s favourite yellow people, but his writings about music are worth shit. If

On market research

Lately I’ve noticed that my favourite capitalistic social network venture has gotten sort of a facelift. You’re now able to look at stuff you’ve consumed in a monthly view, there’s also a sidebar module telling you who’s consuming what you’re consuming, and