On market research

Lately I’ve noticed that my favourite capitalistic social network venture allconsuming.net has gotten sort of a facelift. You’re now able to look at stuff you’ve consumed in a monthly view, there’s also a sidebar module telling you who’s consuming what you’re consuming, and they’ve also added functionality to the consumed items, so now you can actually track the stuff you’ve watched, listened to, read or eaten right down to the day.

I don’t really know why I’m so taken by this service. Basically it’s not much more than lists of things people do. I guess it’s just the way it makes one look at things. If I enter a book into the system I’ve just read, I’m instantly able to see reviews by other people who’ve read it. I can review it myself (something I’ve down a while ago with this piece of boredom), I can then see what these people have read themselves and on and on and on. I guess I like it that much because it’s such a nice way of killing time, and when you’re done killing those hundreds of hours you don’t actually feel like you’ve killed it. Well, you do, but it feels like you’ve killed it for a reason.