Starbucks Challenge success - finally

A few months ago I took part in the Starbucks Challenge. Read all about my experiences here and here.

Today I decided to revisit a Starbucks, and was pleasantly surprised. The Starbucks in question is the one inside the Millennium city, a shopping mall in my district here in Vienna. After I had been unsuccessful with one Barista there a few months back, I today decided it was time to renew my pledge to this noble a cause. I was already bracing myself for a lengthy explanation of Starbucks’ policy, but after I had asked for a cup of their Fair Trade coffee, the Barista simply said: “But I’ll have to French press that, so it’ll take a few minutes!” I was actually quite perplexed by the fact that not only did he know what Fair Trade was, he actually was willing to sell me one.

Well, after a few minutes he brought my cup of Fair Trade, and even asked why I had asked for Fair Trade in the first place. We had a short little chat about Fair Trade, and although he tried to convince me that actually all coffee bought by Starbucks is more or less Fair Trade, he was the most well informed Barista I have come across until now. Apparently things are moving forward at Starbucks.