the excitement of boredom

Double Trouble

I recently, by sheer accident and luck, stumbled upon Sean Costello, a blues-guitarist/singer-songwriter. His performances are so vibrant and heartfelt, I could weep everytime I see them. Well, not weep. But at least move my foot or tap a finger on my desk. There’s a pretty big archive

Oceansize, Flex, 09

It’s not that long ago that I wrote on here about one of the best concerts I’d ever been to. It was Oceansize’s gig at Vienna’s Flex, about two years ago. I was quite ecstatic, and for solid reasons. First of all, I was in the

Here's to NIN

Do you remember when Radiohead released their latest album online, giving it away for whatever price people saw fit? Well, NIN just did the same, with the difference that unlike Radiohead, you can download their newest album “Ghosts” via BitTorrent, without having to go through a credit-card transaction (even though


is soup. I really should start thinking of stories to accompany my images. Well, here’s one: Yesterday we went to a supermarket stocked only with the most organically grown and produced items. And it was surreal. In a way it reminded me of the Contemporary Christian Music scene, in


Saturday I went and saw Oceansize. The thing that made it extra-special: I got to interview lead-singer Mike Vennart. You can read the outcome in due time here. The whole thing was really very pleasant, conducted in the rather cramped, but cozy dressing room. My biggest mistake: I forgot to

In Rainbows

First this. Then this. Aren’t the Internets just loverly? (Don’t you just hate it when I do that?)

Recurring fears

Oh why is it that I’m always afraid of upgrading my WordPress version? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because it always ends in something that’ll take me about three hours to repair and clean up. Don’t ask me why, but it just does. Either because

Portugal. the man

We went and saw Portugal. the man yesterday. Curiously, the venue was just about half full, which is really quite surprising considering that they are not only good but also one of the most pre-hyped bands around (pre-hyped meaning not quite yet hyped, but surely on the brink). The singer

Klaxons in Vienna - and I'm ticketless

So hot newcomers Klaxons will visit Vienna on the 19th. I had planned on seeing that show for a while now, and today I wanted to buy two tickets, only to find that they are all sold-out. SOLD OUT! I mean, two weeks ago when I went to see the

...and so they went

So, Oscar Night is over, and the only really interesting thing about the show was Jack Nicholson’s enormous head. And once again I was baffled by the selection of songs they had nominated for an Oscar. Now, I didn’t exactly do a whole lot of research apart from

Little Amadeus and possible spin-offs

Only recently I was made aware of (meaning, I turned on the TV and saw) a TV cartoon show called “Little Amadeus”. I was hooked the moment I heard the theme song, which basically was a song about little Mozart having all sorts of fun being little and a genius.

How to be fucking awesome, Pt.II

Apparently, for some people the phrase “fucking awesome” is just a bit too ambiguous. Karl Fluch, music critic at the Austrian daily “Der Standard”, may be a nice fellow not least because of his admiration of everyone’s favourite yellow people, but his writings about music are worth shit. If