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Through a "River of Ink"

Through a "River of Ink"

"River of Ink", the debut novel of Brit Paul M.M. Cooper, is a marvel. I'd not heard of the man until he did his Reddit AMA a few months back, but the book was an easy sell on me: I'm quite partial to historical fiction and also enjoy reading


I finished reading Charlotte Roche’s “Feuchtgebiete” last weekend, a book that has not only sold a whopping 700,000 copies, but has also attracted attention worldwide and sold translation-rights to a whole bunch of countries. Now, the whole premise of the novel, according to widespread opinion, is to gross

I don't read newspapers the right way

A few days ago, as I was standing in one of the numerous trams of Vienna’s public transport, waiting for it to take me to the main university building, I noticed someone sitting in a seat close to me, reading a newspaper. A real one, not the fluff they