I don't read newspapers the right way

A few days ago, as I was standing in one of the numerous trams of Vienna’s public transport, waiting for it to take me to the main university building, I noticed someone sitting in a seat close to me, reading a newspaper. A real one, not the fluff they hand out for free.

I was surprised to see that this man, approximately my age, suddenly started to violently shake his head. I couldn’t get a good look at what he was reading, but I suspect it had something to do with our inept government.

I then thought about it, and realized that I’m quite an emotionless newspaper reader. I don’t ever shake or nod my head. I very rarely cry, nor do I laugh when reading the papers. Is that normal? Was this guy an exception, or am I a freak of nature? Or was he just putting on a show, trying to direct attention to the fact that he’s reading an actual paper in the tram?

How, dear reader, do you read the papers?