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Through a "River of Ink"

Through a "River of Ink"

"River of Ink", the debut novel of Brit Paul M.M. Cooper, is a marvel. I'd not heard of the man until he did his Reddit AMA a few months back, but the book was an easy sell on me: I'm quite partial to historical fiction and also enjoy reading

von Korncrake

And here’s something for you, when all you want to do is kill time while reading elaborate satire. Korncrake – The Website of Herr Professor Dokto Boethius P. von Korncrake


So here I am, joining the ranks of millions and millions of bloggers posting cute baby photos. Only that this time it might well be the best picture ever posted. Say hello to the kid who’s turned me into an uncle and designated godfather: It’s Astor Karl Theodor,

Tuition or bust

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, and answering the comment by “eigenschaft”, I will now write a bit about the watered down compromise I mentioned yesterday: the one about the tuition fees. Tuition fees were introduced by the Schüssel government in 2001, only shortly after the minister for

An unholy marriage

People would think that people learn from mistakes. People are mistaken. About an hour ago, the Socialist Party’s head Gusenbauer announced the finalization of coalition talks with the People’s Party. Even though the SPÖ had the majority after last year’s elections, they have now handed over all


Well, here’s to me, and all the other people whose final votes brought the Greens to third place. Read all about it here (if you know German…if you don’t, look at the pictures, they tell the story too). There are still enough people who voted for the

BREAKING NEWS - Limbo reviewed

Rejoice, Christians, for the concept of the infant limbo is expected to be renounced by the Vatican, according to a reputable source from the small Island. In case you’re not familiar with the limbus infantium, as it was lovingly coined by late medieval clergymen, it’s the notion that

Time to vote

It’s time to vote again, and the girlfriend and I will be on our way shortly. We held an election party four years ago, with red and green pasta, but unfortunately, the elections didn’t reflect our culinary choices. This year we don’t have anything planned. Maybe if

Dubya (final)

So Dubya’s gone, and I won’t even pretend I was any good at covering it. The relevant things about the visit have been said by others who are more articulate than me. I’ll resort to showing you a picture (taken from here): It’s a man’s

Carinthia, medieval

I’m back from the excursion, and I brought a shitload of pictures. Click here to see the batch on my site’s own gallery, or click here to admire them from within Flickr (if you’re planning on leaving witty comments!). I don’t think I’ve ever before

Wibald's curse

I’ve been trying for the last half hour to print out the article on Wibald of Stablo/Corvey from the online version of the International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages. Somehow Firefox suddenly goes bonkers when using the Encyclopedia. I’ve printed out and read dozens of articles from

Irving arrested

David Irving, self-proclaimed historian and Holocaust denier was arrested on the 11th of September November (of course) here in Austria. Read all about it here. Well, it’s great they got him. Especially because he was on his way to talk to members of a right-wing student league (which are