How to watch a preview of a movie

When I checked my referrer logs yesterday, trying to find out where all those poor souls are coming from who frequent this website, I noticed that one person had put this query into Google:

can i see the preview of movie called simply irresistible

My first thought was: “Well, sure you can, open your eyes, look at that screen and you’re all set!” But being well versed in the intricacies of syntax, I knew that the person was in fact looking for a guide on how to watch that preview. So I decided to devise a little walkthrough for that person’s problem. Person, I hope you’re watching:

Go to a video store

Ask if they have a movie called “Simply Irresistible” (if you happen to live in Germany, ask for “Einfach unwiderstehlich”, otherwise the results of your enquiry will be meager). If you want to impress the clerk, cite the working title as well, namely “Vanilla Fog”.

If they have it, ask the clerk nicely if he could please insert it into the in-store DVD player (if the movie is not available in the DVD format, ask the same question but replace “DVD” with “VCR”).

If you have managed to convince the clerk of the importance of your mission, make them fast forward to the best scenes of the movie, so as to give you a selection of the finest moments the movie has to offer. That’s common practice when creating a preview, or trailer, for a movie.

Unfortunately, the movie has no fine moments, except maybe that toad wearing a tuxedo.

Say “Thank you” or “Thanks a lot” or “Thanks for your efforts” or maybe even “I’m very grateful for your service”, then leave the store immediately.

You have now seen a preview of “Simply Irresistible”.

I hope that was a comprehensive little guide on how to see a preview of a movie which has already been released six years ago. You can call it a postview if you like.