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Jan 8, 2007

An unholy marriage

People would think that people learn from mistakes. People are mistaken. About an hour ago, the Socialist Party’s head Gusenbauer announced the finalization of coalition talks with the People’s Party. Even

May 30, 2006


Since I’ve done my share of ORF bashing on here (for the uninitiated, ORF is Austrian’s national broadcaster), I’m glad to announce that I’ve had the opportunity to sign

Feb 17, 2006

Austrian Institute of Idiocy

The current Austrian government has been extremely negligent regarding education in general, and the universities in particular. Various cutbacks and the treatment of universities as privately operated entities have left everything in shambles.

Dec 30, 2005

Porno Viennese

Well, Austria’s made international headlines again. In the course of a government sponsored art project which lasted all year, posters were put up all over Vienna depicting the lower torso of a