Since I’ve done my share of ORF bashing on here (for the uninitiated, ORF is Austrian’s national broadcaster), I’m glad to announce that I’ve had the opportunity to sign an online petition that demands better and less politically motivated programming.

The great thing is that the people behind the petition are actually members of the ORF. One of their main targets is their boss, Monika Lindner, who’s been the General Director of the ORF for the last four years, and is quite probably going to be re-elected for another five years soon. She’s already publicly declared her love for the ÖVP, our very own, very conservative, so-called people’s party.

While I’m not convinced that the awful programing techniques of the ORF are due to too much political intervention, I do feel that signing the petition SOS-ORF is a good step to protest whatever I feel is wrong with their service. If you feel so too, go and sign it here.