your heart out

Thank God for these stubborn farmers back in the 14th century, who no longer wanted to be ruled over by some decadent Austrian Lords. Today they constitute Switzerland, and their Latin name, Confoederatio Helvetica, not only makes for a nice international license plate code (CH), but also for a nice top level domain (.ch).

To this stroke of luck we owe


We don’t of course owe to the fact that Switzerland exists, but there’s a good chance that the service would have had another name, were it not for the great .ch TLD of Switzerland. Which is my cue to actually start telling you what the service is about, and quit talking crap about my dear neighbours.

Well, is all about compressing and uncompressing files. Which until now always was a service strictly confined to the desktop. lets you upload a compressed archive and the uncompress it, or upload a few files and then compress them into an archive.


But, and if you may please excuse my use of this buzz-word, the killer-feature is’s compressing and uncompressing of files found on the Internet. Yes, that’s right, just locate a compressed archive of files, or files you’d like to compress, point to them, and voila, it’s all compressed or uncompressed, right there in your browser.

krunch webfiles

There’s a 10MB and 10 file limit on archives, the supported compressions are .zip, .rar and .tar.gz, the compressed or uncompressed files will be available for 24 hours after you’ve done the krunching, and, when signed-up and logged-in, you can actually have them mail you your krunched files.

All in all it’s a really solid affair, as it’s not only hugely helpful for some quick compression work (especially of stuff online), but also simple enough so everybody and their grandma will know how to use it.

This service really should be included in ITRedux’ Office 2.0 list. is exactly what Office 2.0 apps should be like. Lean, mean and immediately usable.