Beef Jerky Land

To the ones who know my taste for meat in all its variants, it may not come as a whopping surprise that I'm fairly partial to beef jerky. You know, that dried meat that's either loathed or loved. But there's a slight problem. While Austria is known for it's numerous slopes on which to rush down towering mountains, it's not exactly known for great beef jerky importing behaviour. You win some, you lose some, you may say. But for someone who finds no joy whatsoever in racing down slopes, that's a pretty rough deal. To make a long story short, I'm constantly deprived of beef jerky.

So walking into a supermarket in the Netherlands and finding not one but two different flavours of beef jerky was a great way to show me that while the Netherlands may be as flat as the taste of a McD paddy, they sure kick ass when it comes to importing behaviour. I'll trade that for lush mountain slopes any day.