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Mar 19, 2019

Blank VHS Covers

The times of the video cassettes is long gone. But what remains is the artwork on the covers of the blank ones you could buy to tape, you know, television or pirated versions

May 25, 2011

Rock posters for cash

Would you pay 500$ for a Nick Cave concert poster? Some people apparently do and, according to this Guardian article, they pay even more for other posters of contemporary rock acts: Now contemporary

Oct 13, 2006

Paintings, free to take

Here’s why my district quite definitely is most avant-garde in the whole of Vienna. Today, an artist who apparently has his studio in the building next to ours, took his paintings and

Apr 10, 2006

Public Restroom - enhanced

Austrian art-group gelitin will open their first large-scale exhibition tomorrow in the Kunsthaus Bregenz, here in wonderful little Austria. Avid Boing Boing readers will know them for their giant rabbit. One of the

Jan 22, 2006

On unprofessional thieves

After three years of being buried in a forest in Austria, the Saliera is back. I think it’s strange how unprofessional the thief acted during the last few days. I mean, he

Dec 30, 2005

Porno Viennese

Well, Austria’s made international headlines again. In the course of a government sponsored art project which lasted all year, posters were put up all over Vienna depicting the lower torso of a