Google Web Accelerator and Backpack

Surfing the Google labs, I noticed a new app called “Google Web Accelerator. It’s supposed to speed up the loading of websites, even providing a little counter, showing you how much time you’ve already saved. Well, I’d love to check it out, but system requirements demand a Windows OS. Pshh, who needs a damn web accelerator. They never work anyways.

Another thing launched this week, 37signals’ organizing tool Backpack. Ever so early adopter Christoph from is already giving it a run for its money (okay, it’s got a free plan as well). Too bad I’m not really big into organizing things. If I were, I’d maybe use it. But considering the fact that I use my planner mainly to store the hundreds of copy-cards I’ve accumulated over the years, it would be a waste of resources on both ends.

PS: Christoph is also handing out some well deserved praise for Backpack.

***Update: ***Google’s Accelerator seems to crash and burn quite quickly. Read this from Inside Google. Oh well, obviously there’s nothing special about the accelerator, it’s simple prefetching of the pages, which may save time but is about as accurate as my cat’s handwriting (well, my parents’ cat).