Give and ye shall receive

Has your video-rental ever given you a cake? For free? For no apparent reason? Well, thought so. I on the other hand, after renting a couple of DVDs for tonight’s entertainment, was the recipient of a delicious Austrian made cake. On my enquiry what exactly warranted that display of genuine affection, the clerk herself didn’t have an answer. She just mentioned that she’d been told to hand out cakes today. Well, that’s how I got a cake from my video-rental. Since you know that I’ve got more than enough time on my hands, and as I have a newly implemented gallery function, I decided to give you a glimpse of what pure Austrian-made cake heaven looks like. Click the image below to be amazed:

The Cake

PS: It was raining while I carried home that cake. So those drops visible on the cake are raindrops, not saliva.