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Oct 4, 2005

Gabarage bag

Yesterday I was finally able to pick up my gabarage bag. I had ordered this gem of individualistic design two weeks ago, and although they said it could take up to five weeks,

Sep 23, 2005

Naschmarkt brunch

We went to buy delicacies and have brunch at the Naschmarkt: Now that I’ve sworn off the cancer-stick, on to my next infatuation: liquorice. The good thing about it: it’s not

Aug 28, 2005

Backyard metalfest

Yesterday my brother had his farewell party in our backyard. There were three of his pal-bands scheduled to play, but only “H.A.L.” was fortunate enough to get through their whole set.

Aug 15, 2005

On leisure and birthdays

I don’t know why some people don’t like birthdays. Their own, that is. I’ve had a ball yesterday with my family, friends and fantastic girlfriend, who even took it upon

Aug 14, 2005

The big 25

Well, today marks my completion of a quarter of a century on this very soil called earth. Not that I had to do much to complete it. It’s more of a completion

Jul 22, 2005

On holidays, finally

The first three weeks of my summerjob are over, and today marks the beginning of my two week vacation. And now we’re already off to the mountains, in anticipation of an interesting

Jul 20, 2005

The Cat that Shat

Yesterday I explained to my co-workers that the most expensive coffee in the world is in fact made of coffee beans eaten, digested and shat out by a catlike marsupial. They thought I

May 28, 2005

Temporary hiatus

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for the US, in order to attend a wedding. I’ll be spending a week there, and although I’ll probably be snapping hundreds of pictures, I won’

May 6, 2005

Give and ye shall receive

Has your video-rental ever given you a cake? For free? For no apparent reason? Well, thought so. I on the other hand, after renting a couple of DVDs for tonight’s entertainment, was

Apr 23, 2005

Getting out

After reading an article on the effects incessant checking of mails has on people’s IQ (about 10 points deducted), I decided I needed to get out. I packed the stuff I had

Apr 9, 2005

Chicken specialist

I normally don’t hesitate to buy fried chicken, burgers and whatnot from any kind of scnackbar. Regarding the origin of my food, I’m as indiscriminate as your usual daytime radio listener.