Kubuntu time

Well, I finally took the plunge and installed Kubuntu Linux. Right now it’s looking great, and I guess it’ll stay that way. The path to Kubuntu wasn’t that easy though. First the CD I burned with the ISO was botched, then I tried again, that one was shitty as well. Then I finally burned the ISO really slowly, and when I tried to use that one CD, my CD drive had given up. So I went and bought a new one today. I brought it back home, installed it (which is a royal pain in the ass to do), and of course it didn’t work. I phoned the support line, they told me I should bring it back. I brought it back, got a new one (other brand…I didn’t want to take any chances), installed that one, didn’t work either. Already majorly pissed off (and sweaty), I decided to try the last straw: I did a little master/slave switch with my two disc drives, and alas, suddenly everything worked fine. Kubuntu installation was a breeze, and I never before got my Internet connection up and running in such a short period of time. So, I’m happy with my new Linux, and you should be too.

By the way, I got With Teeth too of course, and it’s a real beauty.