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Of sausages, turkeys and trees

Of sausages, turkeys and trees

Assorted sweetstuffsBefore I started writing more again, the latest blogpost on here was one about Christmas. Short and quite to the point. Despite its almost three year tenure as this blog’s top post, it failed to gain much traction. It might have been a marketing problem. Anyway, it’s

Turkeys gone wild

Turkeys gone wild

I’m sorry for misleading you. This article is in fact not about turkeys gone wild – whatever that might have looked like in your dirty, dirty mind – but rather about turkeys that spent quite some time in an oven till crispy, crunchy and juicy. It’s about the Christmas Turkey!

Christmas, Merry

I had planned on writing a longish post about the various meanings of Christmas, from people actually believing that there was someone born a couple of thousand years ago to a carpenter whose wife insisted that “no, it wasn’t anyone from your company’s Christmas party who knocked me

Christmas! The fun just never stops!

Enjoy the birth of the little one! For in a few months, you’ll be celebrating his coming back from the dead after a gruesome death by the hands of ruthless Roman pigs all over again! Merry Christmas! PS: Oh, and if you happen to be gay, tough luck!

Christmas roundup

Well, Christmas is over, and here are a few things of note: I fulfilled myself a childhood dream, namely making eggnog. Actually, it never really was a childhood dream, but I stumbled upon this recipe via lifehacker, reminding me of the fact that I should try making eggnog at least