Irving arrested

David Irving, self-proclaimed historian and Holocaust denier was arrested on the 11th of September November (of course) here in Austria. Read all about it here.
Well, it’s great they got him. Especially because he was on his way to talk to members of a right-wing student league (which are called “courageous” on a site closely affiliated with Irving…why they would call them that, eludes me. Or is it especially courageous to be blatantly stupid nowadays?).

The interesting thing about this most recent episode in our country’s dealing with old and new Nazi criminals is, that nobody told the press. They actually learned of the arrest yesterday by stumbling over a note on Irving’s own website. Shouldn’t this be fed to the press as a victory? The moment the put him in handcuffs?

Well, it sure does cast a certain light on our government. Which is not necessary really, considering that they’ve been ablaze as far right conservatives anyway. But still, I like that phrase.