Domino Schmomino

Dominoes can be used in a variety of ways, and for some people putting one domino piece next to another just to watch them fall when tipped is a grand way to go through life.

For other people, having a splendid Friday evening TV programme is a vital part of grandly going through life. Tonight these paradigms are destined to collide. Austrian National TV will once again do a live broadcast of the Domino Day, an event so bizarre it’s hard to believe.

Now usually I’m all for bizarre. Unless it’s bizarre and extremely boring, in the course of which destroying any prospect of having a splendid Friday evening TV programme. Because you know what? Four million domino stones don’t topple over in 45 minutes. No, they topple over in a whopping three hours and fifteen minutes. At least that’s the time Austrian National TV has allotted to this disease of civilization.

And I’m actually paying for this kind of programming. It’s a travesty. And a shame.