Hungarian National Múzeum

the ticket

On the first day of our visit to Budapest, after lots of lounging and eating and walking the shopping mile, we decided to visit the Hungarian National Museum. Unfortunately, the acclaimed pompous stairway up to the main entrance was fully ripped off, and we entered through the side entrance. To our utter joy, they didn’t charge a thing for the visit.

So we went up to the first floor where the famous crown with the tilted cross was supposed to be on display. To my utter chagrin, the crown, the purpose of my visit to the museum, was not there, but on display inside the parliament (which is on the other side of town…well, almost). So instead, we looked at their other exhibition, the history of Hungary up to the 1990s. Apart from the fact that 90% of the text describing events and displays were in Hungarian, which I and 99,9% of the world’s population are not able to comprehend, it was quite interesting. I know, my ignorance is not their fault, but hey, Hungarian is damn hard! Still, I would have liked to see that crown.