Going postal

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of the Austrian mail service. Mainly because they don’t deliver packages. Which I always thought as crucial for a mail service. Today I noticed that they do in fact deliver packages. At 7 a.m., that is. Now, we rarely ever get up before seven. My girlfriend starts her work at nine, and the stuff I have to do for university mostly starts sometime around ten. So, are we very different from other people? When do others get up normally? Is seven an official “I’m awake” hour? Is it an hour when you’re supposed to be dressed and ready to receive a package? In an effort to save you and me from the embarassment of nobody commenting on these questions, I’ll just do it myself:

Disclaimer:*** Profanity above. If you’ve been offended by my use of an inflected four letter expletive, go fuck yourself. No , I’m just kidding. You can stay.