It hurts, but I need to write about Star Wars again. I just watched the late news on ORF, and they had a segment about Cannes and the Star Wars premiere. To images of Stormtroopers parading the red carpet, the commentator covering the event said something like:

“The daily deployment of the Star Wars robots is starting to anger critics and cineasts alike…”

Now, I’m not a Star Wars specialist at all. Hell, I don’t even think Natalie Portman is that hot. But come on, robots ? I mean, from someone who’s getting paid to live in a hotel in Cannes, watch movies all day and do one minute daily segments, one would expect competence to some degree. Which should include knowing that Stormtroopers are indeed not robots, but rather ordinary faceless war pigs. But hey, it’s just another bloated-budget Hollywood movie not worthy of further scrutiny, so why bother, right?