DBMA: Feeding Tourists - Part III

And because I somewhat promised the last part, here’s a picture of the best food we had during our stay on the island of Texel.

It’s from a restaurant in De Koog, which name I didn’t jot down, and even the mighty Google seems to have the restaurant positioned somewhere else than I remember it to be. Let’s just say, it’s the only Thai restaurant in De Koog and it’s not in the grizzly Dorpsstraat. You’ll find it.

We were a bit worried because there were barely any people there, and wondered whether it’s the fate of the restaurants that serve the most distinguished food on the island to perish due to their exotic nature. When we walked past the next day, an hour earlier than we’d been there the day before, we were happy to see that our fears were unfounded. The restaurant was packed.

And with this rather happy ending I will conclude my Death By Martini Abroad specials. I hope you had a blast, I know I did. Dank u wel!

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