Pasta and Chicken. Yes, pasta and chicken

Farfalle! What a magical word! Actually, not magical at all, just Italian. Still, it has a nice ring to it, so please excuse me while I sit here and mutter “Farfalle, Farfalle, Farfalle…” for a while.

Ok, all done!

Well, I made Farfalle with caramelized onions, fresh basil, fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes and roasted pieces of chicken. You may not have noticed, but yeah, the main ingredient is FRESH!

Anyway, it’s easy to make, if you don’t mind putting stuff out of a pan for a while (onions) only to put them back in again after a while (onions, still). Fortunately, that’s about the most intricate part of the whole recipe.

If you’d like to prepare something equally delicious, I might actually write a useful post for a change sometime, in which I will go through all the juicy details. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Farfalle, without the chickenFarfalle with chicken, on stoveSpinachFarfalle with chicken