DBMA: Feeding Tourists - Part II

It took a mere ten days, but here I am with yet another glorious update, namely Pt.II of my already epic feature on how to feed tourists. Where tourists are actually my girlfriend and I.

As you may remember from last time, there’s not a whole lot that speaks for the cuisine of the Netherlands. Which, by the way, is not meant to be mean in any way. It’s just the way it is.

But they do make some mean fries. And they’ve got these fantastic contraptions that hold your fries. Which makes for a great fries-eating-experience.

Hell, who needs a refined cuisine, when you’ve got stuff like that?

Apart from fries, Dutch cuisine also offers pancakes. I don’t really care for pancakes, so I let my girlfriend sample an apple-pancake in the restaurant next to the lighthouse in the north of the isle of Texel (called “De Toren”, which I think means “The Lighthouse”, but it could mean all other kinds of things as well; I’m simply too lazy to find out). Anyway, I was told that the pancake was ok, but nothing to write home about. Which, when on vacation, is a bad thing, because it takes away yet another thing to write on all those postcards. (Disclaimer: I didn’t send any postcards. So it wasn’t just you who didn’t get one, it was everyone!)

Anyway, I think the picture of the pancake turned out quite nice though:

Come back soon to witness yet another entry on what we had while on vacation, or maybe I’ll skip the last part in favour of telling you what I had last week. I’m just a dare-devil like that, you know?

Dutch Restaurant in De Cocksdorp: De Toren De Toren