DBMA: Feeding Tourists - Part I

When on vacation, people do two things: nothing and eating.

I had actually planned on writing a lengthy essay on the merits and the downsides of being at a place that specializes in feeding these hungry hoards, but after a few paragraphs I came to the conclusion that it would be far too rambling.

So instead, here’s a rundown of a few places we ate during our stay in the Netherlands:

First of all there was Wagamama in Amsterdam. It’s actually a Japanese chain, but I’d never been to one, so we sat and ate:

This is Yaki Udon, which contained all sorts of vegetables, chicken and prawns. I’d never before realized that Udon noodles taste a bit like potatoes.

We also had a starter, which the good people at Wagama like to call a side dish:

Grilled asparagus. I must say, it sounded better on the menu. I guess I’m just not much of an asparagus man.

On Texel, where tourist feeding places are abundant, we had our first dinner at a tex-mex-pizzaplace-asian mixture of a restaurant, aptly named Maxima Classic Grill Restaurant Argentina. The logical conclusion was for me to have an entrecôte:

It wasn’t the best steak I’d ever had, but hey, it was my vacation and it was meat, so I was happy.

That’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for more detailed stories on what to eat where and why on the isle of Texel.