Austrian politics - a sad story

Well, another minister has decided to simply leave office in favour of the much more attractive “private economy” as they call it. Federal Minister of the Interior, Ernst Strasser, stepped back from office, and now our Federal Minister of Defence, Günther Platter, has been given that ministry as well. Now, you may have heard about something called separation of powers before, and then you’re probably asking yourself how that is possible. How can someone who’s in charge of the military now be in charge of the whole police-force as well? Actually, that’s quite easy. Just find a Federal Chancellor who doesn’t have a clue about the future plans of his servants, let one of those servants resign and there you go: The Federal Chancellor has to react, and hey, if that one guy already knows how to manage the armed forces, why not give him the job of managing the executive powers as well?

In the light of discussion about various eastern countries like the Ukraine going through the process of democratization, the things going on here in Austria bear a disconcerting resemblance. If you want to find out more about the disaster they call the government here in Austria, here’s a link.