Only yesterday I read about this service called BlogExplosion. When you sign up, there’s supposed to be an “explosion” in hits to your own blog (very clever, that explosion thing, although some people probably associate an exposion with something destructive, which would give the whole thing a rather weird conotation…I wouldn’t want my blog to explode, even though there’s only a trickle of visitors a day).

Due to the lack of visitors to my site, except of course the loads of people interested in that telenovela Bianca, for which I have seemingly become the number one source, I’ve thought about signing up. But…I didn’t. Although it’s free and the only thing you have to do in order to get some visitors is to click on a few random blogs listed at their site. The reason I didn’t sign up, is that to me, the whole concept seems so desperate. I don’t want to lure people to my site, only so they themselves get a few hits. That’s not really what blogging is all about, I think. I want people to come here because someone whispered to them in their dreams: “Visit, it’s hilarious. It’ll change your life”, and then vanished in a ghostly cloud of glitter. That’s why people should visit my site.