MSN Desktop Search

MSN today announced the beta release of their new desktop search tool. It’s supposed to be a great tool for finding pictures, emails or any other files on your computer. Now, please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this what the built-in search feature in MS Windows is supposed to do (apart from the email thing)? How come that shortly after Google developed their desktop search tool, MS suddenly thinks they can do it just as well, although existing search features in Windows have shown they can’t? What gives…?

And here’s another interesting bit from their announcement:

Find entire conversations
After finding an email you were looking for, try right-clicking on it. Select “Show Conversation” and we’ll automatically refine the search results to show all the emails from the conversation thread.

For those of you who have a GMail account, doesn’t that seem strikingly familiar to you? CONVERSATIONS! That’s so lame, I wonder if the people at MSN can even walk upright.