Cross browser issue resolved

Lately there have been rumours that my great little register navigation bar at the top of my page was positioned strangely for people using IE. Now, I normally only check my site with Firefox and Konqueror, so I don’t see those things. But I did check it now, and yes, the positiong was way off. I am by no means a specialist in web-design, but I’ve tried out a few things, and if everything worked out the way it should, then that issue should be resolved. If that navigation bar is still way off to the right or somewhere else on the page where it clearly doesn’t belong, please tell. And if not, feel free to peruse my site.

Update: I’ve now done a few things to my CSS which are probably highly illegal, or at least nothing to write home about, but it seems the navigation now seems to be suitable for all browsers, including Konqueror, Mozilla (Firefox and Oldschool) and Opera. The only browser unable to display my site the way it’s supposed to be is an awful assembly of code called Internet Explorer. STANDARDS!!!

Update #2: Everything’s fixed. I won’t even go into IE colour-management, but the navigation bar issue is resolved. FOREVER. No more CSS fiddling for me. My eyes are bleeding.