And Hello World!

UPDATE: Of course this whole post is absolutely outdated. If for some obscure reason you've happened upon it, here's what happened: The original blog has been re-incorporated into this, my main blog again. Before that I moved from Posterous to Wordpress again. Also, I stopped using Tupalo ages ago. Basically, everything on here is a mere reminder of what was and isn't anymore.

Well, what else than a Martini to lead the way into this new venture of mine? The place here is called “Death by Martini” after all.

So what is this? Basically, it’s yet another blog that focuses on the good life. Which in my case means plenty of very dry Martinis, copious amounts of food and, well, whatever other debauchery might come my way.

As my headquarters are in the fair city of Vienna, reviews of restaurants or other places of interest will be, well, Vienna-focused. If possible, I will also be crossposting reviews and photos of my culinary exploits to Tupalo, my favourite service for this kind of thing.

I’ve decided to use Posterous to power this very thing here, mainly because it’s such a dead-simple service, creating new content will be a hoot!

So keep coming back often, or if you’re more into reading my witty prose in a newsreader, do subscribe to my feed.