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Reviving the network

Reviving the network

Having decided to focus more on writing on my blogs again, I’m realising just how many I’ve created over the years (and subsequently neglected). Over the last two days, I did my inventory: updated plugins, themes, cleaned up the odd, erm, hacked installation and put them all under

Rediscovering blogging

Rediscovering blogging

I’ve been blogging for more than 15 years now, and even though there have been gaps in output (most notably the current one which is somewhere in the three years region), I’ve always considered myself a blogger. The last few years saw the emergence of a new kind

And Hello World!

Well, what else than a Martini to lead the way into this new venture of mine? The place here is called “Death by Martini” after all. So what is this? Basically, it’s yet another blog that focuses on the good life. Which in my case means plenty of very

In which I announce my going to a blogging event

Since I’m too cheap (or rather “frugal”) to pay the 100€ for Blogtalk Reloaded here in Vienna, I will attend another blogging event today that’s probably quite as much fun as above mentioned 2-day event. Why? Because it probably won’t be filled with hundreds of people attending


Knallgrau, Austrian creators of blogging software twoday, have now released Blogr, a new multimedia blogging tool. The tool supports a whole lot of languages already, and is also available in quite a few top level domains. So, if you don’t mind a Spanish interface, why not set up an


There’s a story making the rounds about a Chinese blogger notorious for his criticism of the Chinese government, and the problems he’s facing getting his word out. His blog, hosted on MSN Spaces, was taken down recently. Here’s the whole scoop. Now, Robert Scoble, blogging bridge between