the excitement of boredom

Jetpack for installs

Well, hello there, faithful readers. It has been a while since I published anything on here and the sole reason simply was that there was fuck all to write about. Seriously, I truly think the last thing worthy to grace these walls was that post on my new Android HTC

Wordpress upgraded

And I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5. It was actually a lot less painful than my latest upgrade, mainly because I had the foresight to actually read up on possible conflicts (something I of course couldn’t have done the other times I upgraded and totally borked my system)

On images

I’m boring myself to death here, and so, with quite high a probability, I’m doing the same to you as. Well, I’m still going to inform you that I’ve implemented FAlbum, an extremely useful plugin for WordPress, which allows me to display all the images stored

Wordpress update

I just updated to WordPress 2.0 and the newest revision of K2. As always there was a bit of CSS editing involved, all in all it wasn’t that bad. Of course there are still things that make me cringe, but that’s not WordPress’ fault, but rather my