On images

I’m boring myself to death here, and so, with quite high a probability, I’m doing the same to you as. Well, I’m still going to inform you that I’ve implemented FAlbum, an extremely useful plugin for WordPress, which allows me to display all the images stored on Flickr right here on my site. I’ve ditched Zen album, which is really quite nice and all that, but I think I should make use of the things a Flickr pro account offers. Right.

Reading the above, I’m once again amazed at how this whole blogging experience has turned a bit postmodern now. I’m blogging about so many things related only to this blog, most of the time it’s just one big self-referential piece of nothingness. Oh well, at least it’s something worth blogging about. And if I wasn’t too posh, I’d now put one of those winking emoticons here. You know, this one 😉