A new editor and a new story

I've reached the point in my blogging career where only new features of the blogging software used will get me to actually jot down some notes. This here is one of those cases.

You see, Ghost, the blogging software I'm using, has introduced a beta version of their new editor, the Koenig editor, and if you think that sounds regal you're correct, but it's also the name of someone most influential in regards to the printing press. Go and read up about him here.

A bun with Leberkäse, unrelated to this post, but still great.

The Koenig editor moves away from previously preferred Markdown and instead introduces so-called blocks, where text and images and code and html and even Markdown can be inserted as sections. The above image was inserted as one such block, and it has absolutely nothing to do with this text.

There's even a divider, I suppose for legibility and general pleasing of the eye. I think it works. Have another one.

I think this editor is nice, but I'd very much love the creators of Ghost if at some point they'd implement some way to automatically resize images to a saner size for the web. It's probably one of the simpler things I've always missed on Ghost after switching from Wordpress.

Anyway, I generally applaud the good people of Ghost for creating something that is rather elegant and might actually make me want to blog more.