Rice pudding for breakfast

While I’m usually not the type for sweet breakfasts, I couldn’t resist when my girlfriend proposed having rice pudding for breakfast today. Mainly because it meant I wouldn’t have to battle two strandy poached eggs which still don’t do as I say after pouring them – ever so gently – into simmering water. But more about that some other time.

The pudding was made with some sort of all-natural risotto-rice, so it took a bit more milk and longer than planned. Black- and raspberries added some freshness to it, while the pecans added something I can only describe as a wooden taste. To top it off, my girlfriend mixed a cinnamon-sugar concoction which we sprinkled generously over the whole thing.

All in all it was a nice change from yet another watery, less-than-perfect Saturday morning poached egg. So much for my expertise as a cook.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re allergic to walnuts, like I am, don’t worry about the pecans. Even though they look like the slender cousin of the walnut, they seem not to contain the same substance that makes tongues all over the world go bumpy.