A party of three

Judging from the euphoric reactions to my last posting about that awesome rice pudding, I will not hesitate to detail what I put into my head this morning. With a lump of mozzarella left over from a previous dinner and a tomato sitting idly on the counter next to the fridge, it wouldn’t have taken a man with my IQ to concoct the following.

I cut the tomato to pieces, threw it on a plate, ripped apart the mozzarella and introduced it to the cut up tomatoe. They seemed to hit it off from the start, but being aware of the old saying “the more the merrier”, I decided on a threesome by adding a bunch of fresh basil leaves to the party. And since all parties need at least some sort of liquid, I lavishly poured some olive-oil onto the bunch. I used the ensuing hilarity to take this fantastic party-shot. It’s SFW, don’t worry:

As the ice had apparently been broken, I decided on another drink for the bunch: some apple-balsamic vinegar. And even though you’re taught early on that nothing good can come of mixing drinks, they all seemed more than happy with my decision. Being a good host I threw in some snacks as well: salt and pepper were well received by all involved in this late-morning shindig.

I let them enjoy it all for a few minutes before breaking up the merry get-together by sending them down my hungry gullet. That’s one hang-over they’ll probably never forget.