Uni give-away #4

Well, who would have thought that the category “university give-aways” I created about three months ago would be such an extreme case of absolute failure? I mean, usually I’m showered with cheap lighters and exotic drinks throughout the whole semester, but it seems that last semester the union of marketing hacks had decided to get rid of university students as a desired marketing demographic. Thus, only three give-aways during the whole of the semester. But, elections in Vienna are coming up and all kinds of newspapers are hawking people for subscriptions, so the give-aways are back. Here’s one:

For the sake of full disclosure I’ll have to admit that it was indeed my girlfriend who received this wonderful give-away. As to the origin, we’re still fighting. She says someone from the People’s Party gave it to her, but I think I saw people from the Greens drinking that stuff at their booth today. Any which way, the stuff tasted vile.