Uni day and give-away

Today was the second day of the present semester, and once again I was reminded why I like university life. Attending lectures, walking through the halls of the main university building, buzzing with people excited to start their new independent life of being a student depending on parents or the state, having a grizzly coffee at the little university café, meeting friends and brothers in arms (well, sisters too…after all, it is International Women’s Day today), these are all things that make me feel…well, good. I’m actually DOING something.

Another great thing of course are the give-aways. Publishing houses trying to sell newspaper subscriptions, financial institutions trying to lure you into opening yet another student-account, they’re all out to get you. And most of the time they’ve got something for you to keep them in your memory. Today’s give-away (the bottle to the left, in case you haven’t noticed…or have noticed and been wondering what it was) is from yet another bank…I didn’t tell the person who handed it out that I already have an account with their bank (not that she would have cared, being just another student trying to earn some money). The drink, supposedly an “energy” drink, is aptly titled “Shark”, because it’s common knowledge that sharks are really energetic, especially when it comes to studying and opening accounts at financial institutions. Whatever. It’s still a good piece to start my new periodical…university give-aways. From now on I’ll post pictures of every little thing I get handed at the university…let’s see if it pays being a student.