Two cool things

Two cool things happened today: First, during a literature seminar, the person who did a presentation did this using a SimpleMepis Live CD and…how cool is that? When I asked him why he had chosen to do it this way, he said that it was his parents’ computer, and they only had an outdated version of PowerPoint, so he simply converted the presentation to the OOo format and off he went. Perfect!

Second cool thing was when I got on the the tram and after sitting down thought I’d somehow landed in MP3-alley. Including me, there were four people sitting more or less next to each other listening to music coming from one or the other MP3-player…one girl had some cube-like thing which looked quite good, the girl next to her sported a pink iPod Mini and the guy next to me had some flash-based MP3-stick. Well, and I had my Medion Jukebox. I don’t know abou you, but I think it’s amazing how MP3-players suddenly take over.